Procedure:  Financial Aid Verification Procedure
Associated Policy:  Financial Aid Verification
Responsible Unit: Student Affairs 
Category: Financial Aid  Office of Origin:  Financial Aid Policy Contact by Title: Director of Business Affairs
Created Date: --.--.---- Effective Date:  --.--.---- Revised Date(s): 02.23.2021
  1. Verification:
The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences Financial Aid Office verify all admitted and matriculated student ISIR records that are selected by the U.S. Department of Education prior to financial aid award packaging and/or the exercise of any professional judgment.  The Financial Aid Office also reserves the right to select ISIR records that are not selected by U.S. Department of Education due to conflicting data reported or other known information held by the College or the Financial Aid Office.
  1. Verification Timeline
Students have 30 days from receipt of the email notification their record has been selected for verification to submit all required documentation.  The email notice indicates the documents that are needed and provides instruction on how to download all appropriate forms. (i.e. verification worksheet, tax transcripts).  Verification may take longer than 30 days depending on the student.  Students have up to 120 days passed the last day of enrollment for the semester in which verification can be completed for that semester.
  1. Consequences for failure to submit verification documents
Students are notified by email that failure to submit documentation in a timely manner may result in delays to their financial aid disbursements and future eligibility.
  1. Notification of changes to FAFSA data due to verification
Students are notified by email from the Department of Education that a change has been made to their FAFSA data by the institution.  The student also receives an email notification from the institution that their awards are ready to view online once verification has been completed and award packaging is complete.  All changes made to the FAFSA data by the institution are done electronically.  Students can update their FAFSA data through
  1. Office of Inspector General Referral
When necessary, the College will provide students with the following contact information regarding the Office of Inspector General:
U.S. Department of Education   
Office of Inspector General Hotline
400 Maryland Avenue, S.W.
Washington D.C. 20202-1500
Fax: (202) 245-7047
Office of Inspector General Hotline

You can download the OIG Hotline Form and mail or fax it to our office. Please note that it will take longer to process your complaint if submitted by mail or fax. We recommend that you file an online complaint.