Procedure: Federal Financial Aid Appeal Process
Associated Policy:  Federal Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress
Responsible Unit: Student Affairs
Category: Financial Aid Office of Origin:  Enrollment Management - Financial Aid Policy Contact by Title: Director of Business Services
Created Date: 7.1.2011 Effective Date:  7.1.2011 Revised Date(s): 5.1.2014; 1.6.2020
Federal Financial Aid Appeal Process  
Appeal and Reinstatement:
Students wishing to regain financial aid eligibility after being placed on “probation status” must appeal their probation status by submitting a Financial Aid Appeal Form within in five (5) business days of receiving the official probation status notification. Only the following documented circumstances will be considered for an appeal:  
  • Death of a relative  
  • Injury or illness of the student  
  • Other special circumstances
Once the form and all appropriate documentation have been completed, the student submits the original form to the Director of Admissions and Financial Aid or designee. Students must provide information regarding why they failed to meet the SAP criteria and what has changed in their situation that will allow them to meet the SAP criteria by the next evaluation period. The director or designee provides the students with a time stamped copy for his or her files.
The appeal is reviewed by a committee comprised of the following individuals and a decision is made to either accept or reject the appeal: 
  • Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Registrar/Bursar 
  • College Designee
Once the appeal committee has issued its decision, the student has the option of appealing that committee’s decision to the Dean of Enrollment Management within five (5) business days of receiving the notification of the appeal status. The Dean of Enrollment Management will review and communicate whether he or she upholds or rejects the committee’s decision. The decision of the Dean of Enrollment Management is final.