Policy:  Withdrawal, Drop, Refund Policy
Responsible Unit: Student Affairs
Category: Student Affairs Office of Origin:  Registration and Records Policy Contact by Title: Director of Enrollment Management (consult with Registrar)
Created Date: --.--.---- Effective Date:  --.--.---- Revised Date(s): 2.24.2020
Compliance:  34 CFR §668.43 Requirements and Procedures for Officially Withdrawing from the Institution
Scope:  Students
Approving Body (ies) and Date(s) (approved by each):  TCC Board 7.27.21
Policy Statement 
From time to time circumstances may arise that make students unable to continue their enrollment as a Christ College student for the remainder of the current term. If the timing of this occurs on the first day of the term or any point prior to finals week, students must initiate the withdrawal process in order to formally discontinue their enrollment from the College.

Students seeking to withdraw from The Christ College must comply with the processes established by the Office of the Registrar. The applicable processes, procedures and forms for each withdrawal classification are maintained by the Office of Registration and Records.


College Withdrawal
 entails withdrawal from the institution as a whole, not just a course or courses.

Course Withdrawal is defined as dropping a course after the official drop/add date has passed.  This is defined as the seventh (7th) business day of a session (Fall, Spring, or Summer).

Dropping a Course is defined as removing a course from a student's schedule after the initial registration period.

No Show Drop applies to persons who never attend class

Unofficial Withdrawal is defined as occurring when a student who has commenced attendance for a course but discontinues attendance without officially withdrawing from the course.

Processes and Procedures

Add/Drop Procedure
No Show Drop
Course Withdrawal Refund
Withdrawal Procedures

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