Other Paid Leave - HR Policy 304   



This policy details the specifications of paid leave other than sick time, vacation and personal holidays.

Effective Date: 1/1/2017


Review/Revised Date: 8/8/2022


Category: Human Resources


Policy Owner: CHRO

Policy Contact: Executive Director Human Resources - Benefits



The University provides payment for time away from work for the following reasons:

  1. Bereavement
  2. Jury Duty
  3. Witness in Court
  4. Military Leave with Pay
  5. Sabbatical Leave
  6. Voting
  7. Paid Living Donor

POLICY 304.A - Bereavement Leave
Employees may be given up to three days (24 hours maximum) absence with pay per occurrence to make arrangements, as needed, and attend the funeral or memorial service for members of their immediate families: husband, wife, sponsored adult dependent* children (including step-children), child(ren) of sponsored adult dependent, brothers, sisters (including step- brother or sister), brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, parents (including step-parents), grandparents, grandchildren, father-in-law, mother-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law.

Bereavement absence will not be charged to accrued vacation, sick time, or personal holiday. To be eligible for bereavement leave, the employee should notify the supervisor or department head immediately. Upon the employee's return to work, an official record, obituary notice, or other form of documentation to substantiate the request for paid leave may be required.

Regular part-time and Alternative Work Schedule employees will receive prorated Bereavement Leave Days based on the percentage of normally scheduled work hours within a 40 hour work week.

There is no waiting period required for employees to be eligible for Bereavement Leave.

*Sponsored Adult Dependent - a sponsored adult dependent is not a relative, is at least 19 years of age, shares a primary residence and has lived with you not as a renter, boarder, tenant or employee for at least twelve months.

POLICY 304.B - Jury Duty Leave
For jury duty the University will excuse all employees from regularly scheduled work for the day or days they are required to serve on juries. This excuse is for the entire 24 hours of each day of service (12:00 AM to 12:00 PM).

The juror is required to return to work only after he or she is finally discharged for all jury service or is released from service for a particular day by the court. In order to receive pay, proper documentation of time actually served must be provided.

Employees should notify their supervisors of impending jury duty as soon as they receive a notice to serve. A copy of this notice should be provided.

POLICY 304.C - Witness in Court Leave
If an employee is subpoenaed to serve as a witness in court, and called to the court during his or her regular shift, the employee will be paid for that time he or she is actively serving as a witness in court. The employee must supply a copy of the subpoena to the department. UAB will not pay an employee for time in court if he or she is the defendant or plaintiff in the case.

POLICY 304.D - Military Leave
A maximum of 21 working days with pay per calendar year is provided to all employees who are ordered to military duty. This 21 working days per year includes weekend drills as well as summer training and any other type of military duty, except that which is noted in Alabama law, Ala. Code Section 31-12-1. Employees will be paid only for the time for which they would ordinarily be scheduled to work for UAB. In no case will employees be paid for a period in excess of the time for which they are ordered to military duty. A copy of the orders or other satisfactory documentation of attendance must be provided to the supervisor as soon as received.

After the first 21 days of military leave per year, any additional military leave, except that which is noted in Alabama law, Ala. Code Section 31-12-1, will be without pay or may be charged to vacation or personal holiday time at the employee's request. Persons requesting military leave must submit a copy of the orders calling them to active duty.

Documentation must be attached to the Leave of Absence request. All documentation should be forwarded for inclusion in the employee's official personnel file.

In the case of a major military call-up, the UAB President may alter these regulations (such as "calendar" year rule), but any changes must apply to all affected employees, not just to individual cases.

Employees returning from military leave have 90 days following discharge from active duty to reclaim their positions.

Alabama law, Ala. Code Section 31-12-1, et. seq. (the Act), extends military protections and rights under the Soldier's and Sailors' Civil Relief Act and the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act to active members of the Alabama National Guard and other military reserve forces called to duty in time of war, armed conflict or emergencies, proclaimed by the Governor or the President of the United States, and called or ordered to state active duty for a period of 30 consecutive days or more or federally funded duty, other than training. This law does not apply to normal National Guard and reserve weekend drills, annual training and required schools.

Students called to military service for a state emergency proclaimed by the Governor and lasting 30 consecutive days or more or federally funded homeland security duty, other than training, shall be granted a leave of absence for the duration of eligible military service, without prejudice to academic status or loss of tuition and fees, earned scholarships, or grants awarded prior to the commencement of military service.

Retroactive to 9/11/2001, eligible employees, as defined in the Act, are eligible for the difference in pay between lower active duty pay and a higher public salary, for the duration of the active military service. This provision applies only to employees called into active service during the war on terrorism, which commenced on September 11, 2001.

Any public employee who was required to use annual or sick time as a result of being called to active service during the war on terrorism shall have his/her time restored. Also, health insurance benefits may be continued at the election of the employee called to active military service.

Any employee serving in the active military service during the war on terrorism, which commenced on September 11, 2001, shall continue to be considered an active participant in the Retirement System of Alabama throughout such service.

POLICY 304.E - Sabbatical Leave
Members of the tenure-earning or tenured faculty may apply for sabbatical leave.

For each six academic years of full-time service, as defined by the faculty member's department and school of primary appointment, a member of the tenure-earning or tenured faculty is eligible to apply for paid sabbatical leave for a period of one-half such year at full pay or one such year at half pay. Sabbatical leave credits may not be accumulated; for example, leave will not be granted for one at full pay after twelve years of full-time service. Sabbaticals are not awarded automatically after six years' service but are awarded on the basis of individual merit.

Plan of Activities During Sabbatical Leave
Applicants will be required to submit a plan of activities during the period of leave, to consist of professional development, a program of investigation, creative writing or artistry, and the like. Sabbatical leave may be spent on campus or off campus, depending upon the type of activity to be undertaken. A faculty member shall not be expected to carry on committee assignments or special administrative functions during a period of leave.

When Requests Should Be Submitted
Sabbatical leave applications for any part of the school year should be submitted at least six months, and preferably one year, in advance of the start of the leave. Applications are to be submitted to the Department Chair or directly to the appropriate Dean or Library Director in the absence of departmental organization. Sabbatical leaves are subject to approval by the appropriate Dean(s), Library Director(s), and Vice President(s) and by the President. It may be necessary to make special readjustments in sabbatical leave dates when leave is requested by more than one person in a department for the same period of time due to teaching, scholarship, and service obligations of the department.

Accrual of Vacation and Sick Time While on Sabbatical
Full-time nine-month and twelve-month faculty members, while on sabbatical leave, accrue vacation and sick time at the regular rate, if on one-half year sabbatical leave at full pay, and at one-half the regular rate, if on a one year sabbatical leave at half pay.

Upon Conclusion of Sabbatical Leave
Recipients of paid sabbatical leave are expected to return to the full-time service of UAB for at least one academic year and must submit a concise report of the activities during the sabbatical to the Dean or Library Director and Department Chair.

POLICY 304.F - Voting Leave
Time off with pay to vote in primary and general elections is not normally necessary. Voting hours are such that employees may vote either before or after work. If for some reason this is not possible, however, employees may request from their supervisor's permission to be late in arriving at work or to leave early. The supervisor will determine whether the request will be approved based on the particular situation.

POLICY 304.G - Paid Living Donor Leave
UAB/UAB Medicine eligible employees may receive up to four weeks paid time off as a living organ donor or one-week paid time off as a bone marrow donor. Regular part-time and Alternative Work Schedule employees will receive prorated paid time off days based on the percentage of normally scheduled work hours within a 40-hour week.

Eligible employees must meet Family and Medical Leave Act eligibility. See PLDL Eligibility Requirements.

Date Issued: 10/80
Date Revised: 01/11
Date Revised: 01/2017