Handbook of Operating Procedures 5-4330

Parental Leave

The University of Texas at Austin

Executive Sponsor: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Policy Owner: Assoc. Vice President for Human Resources
November 1, 2001


  1. Policy Statement


The University of Texas at Austin provides up to twelve (12) weeks of unpaid parental leave for those employees who are ineligible for family and medical leave coverage for the birth of a natural child or for the adoption or foster care placement of children under three (3) years of age.


  1. Scope


This policy applies to any employee who is appointed to work at least twenty (20) hours per week for a period of at least four and one-half (4 1/2) continuous months. For purposes of this policy, faculty must be appointed for at least fifty percent (50%) time for at least four and one-half (4 1/2) continuous months. Students employed in positions that require student status as a condition of employment are not covered by this policy.


  1. Applicability


Eligible employees with less than twelve (12) months of state service or less than 1,250 hours of work in the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the start of leave are entitled to parental leave not to exceed twelve (12) weeks or 480 hours.


  1. Qualified Purposes


Parental leave is available to eligible employees for the following reasons:



  1. Commencement and Coverage Duration


The leave period begins with the date of birth or the adoption or foster care placement and can last up to twelve (12) weeks.


  1. Concurrent Use of Paid Leave


Employees are required to use all accrued and available annual leave, floating holiday, and sick leave when applicable, while taking parental leave.


If the employee becomes eligible during the parental leave for family and medical leave, then the employee will be placed on family and medical leave for the remainder of the leave.


The period the employee is placed on parental leave will count toward the twelve (12) weeks of family and medical leave. (See Family and Medical Leave policy.)


  1. Use of Sick Leave


Sick leave may be used in conjunction with parental leave only in accordance with the sick leave policy. (See Sick Leave policy.)


  1. Portion of Parental Leave Not Covered by Leave Accruals


The employee will be placed on leave without pay for the balance of the parental leave not covered by available and appropriate leave accruals until the employee returns to work. The same is true for any portion of the parental leave that is applied to family and medical leave.


  1. Notification


  1. Employee Responsibilities. When foreseeable, the employee shall give at least thirty (30) calendar days advance notice to the supervisor of the need to take parental leave. The notification shall state the length of the leave requested, the amount of annual leave, sick leave, and leave without pay to be used. The employee, other than faculty, shall accurately complete the Official Time Report, note the annual leave and sick leave used, and submit it in a timely manner for approval to the supervisor.


Faculty members must submit the Monthly Report of Sick Leave Taken form for all sick leave even though no classes were missed if the absence occurs during the normal workday for regular employees.


  1. Supervisor Responsibility. The supervisor must review and approve the leave, verify that the employee has accurately recorded the leave, and sign the appropriate time report. The supervisor shall place the employee on leave without pay when all available and appropriate accrued leaves have been exhausted. The supervisor shall place the employee on family and medical leave once the employee becomes eligible for such leave. (See Family and Medical Leave policy.)


  1. Insurance Benefits


  1. Employer Premium Sharing. The University will continue to contribute its share of premiums for an employee's insurance during the time that an employee is using available and appropriate leave accruals. The University will discontinue its share of premiums for an employee's insurance during the time that an employee is on leave without pay.


  1. Employee Insurance Premiums. While an employee is using leave accruals, he or she is responsible for paying his or her share of the insurance premiums in the same amount as when working. While on leave without pay, the employee is responsible for the entire cost of the insurance premiums.


  1. Nonpayment of Premiums by Employee. If the employee fails to pay an insurance premium by the due date, the University will cease to maintain coverage.
  1. Other Paid Leave and Benefit Accruals


While an employee is on parental leave, annual leave, and sick leave, state service credit will continue to accrue only during that portion of the leave that is covered by paid leave.


  1. Delegation of Authority


Authority is hereby delegated to the department head or designee to determine parental leave eligibility.


For Assistance: Questions regarding parental leave should be directed to Human Resources, Benefit Services Section, or to the website: http://www.utexas.edu/hr/.

Electronic time sheet website: https://utdirect.utexas.edu/pntime.
Source: Texas Government Code 661.913
; Board of Regents' Rules and Regulations, Rule 30201


Previously HOP 9.90 and HOP 7.F.10