Statewide Operating Standards (SOS)
Statewide Operating Standards
 General Administration 
Governance & General Administration Marketing & Communication
Institutional Advancement Safety & Risk Management
Facilities, Maintenance and Construction Information Technology
General Administration standards and procedures include information related to the College’s governance and administrative operations, marketing and communication, acceptance of gifts and bequests, sponsored grants, facilities, information technology, campus safety, risk management, and public information.
 General Administration 
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CategorySub Category
  GA 1.24College CommitteesGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 4.5Building Inventory & UtilizationGeneral AdministrationFacilities, Maintenance and Construction
  GA 1.6.8Lockout Tagout ProceduresGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.9Eyewash & Shower StationGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.10Concealed HandgunsGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.12Small Appliance UseGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.13Heavy Machinery Equipment SafetyGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6Risk ManagementGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.3Fire SafetyGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.2Hazard Communication ProgramGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.19Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity PlanGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.11Timely Warnings and Emergency NotificationsGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 4.1Facilities Master PlanGeneral AdministrationFacilities, Maintenance and Construction
  GA 1.6.6Driver SafetyGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 4.3Selection of Architects & EngineersGeneral AdministrationFacilities, Maintenance and Construction
  GA 4.8Facilities Access ControlGeneral AdministrationFacilities, Maintenance and Construction
  GA 4.4Process for Construction or Renovation of FacilitiesGeneral AdministrationFacilities, Maintenance and Construction
  GA 5.1.8Information Security Awareness and TrainingGeneral AdministrationInformation Technology
  GA 5.1.6Data Classification and Handling StandardGeneral AdministrationInformation Technology
  GA 5.1.7Information Technology Infrastructure Management (Server Management)General AdministrationInformation Technology
  GA 5.1.3Information Technology User Account ManagementGeneral AdministrationInformation Technology
  GA 5.1.5Managing Changes in Information TechnologyGeneral AdministrationInformation Technology
  GA 5.1.2Management of Outsourced Information Services and MaintenanceGeneral AdministrationInformation Technology
  GA 5.1.1Password Use and Management for Information TechnologyGeneral AdministrationInformation Technology
  GA 5.1.4Acceptable Use of Information Technology ResourcesGeneral AdministrationInformation Technology
  GA 1.6.7Minors on CampusGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.5Infection Prevention and Exposure ControlGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.5.3Texas Public Information ActGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.22Institutional EffectivenessGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.1Board of Regents Organization and OperationGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.5.5Information ResourcesGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.14Audits and Review by External AuditorsGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.17Fraud HotlineGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.15Fraudulent Use of Assets and ResourcesGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.16Reporting Wrongdoing or RetaliationGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.3Preparation of Statewide Operating StandardsGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.5.1Records ManagementGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  ES 2.09Institutional Review BoardGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.23SACSCOC Substantive Change ComplianceGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 2.1SubpoenasGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.7Dissemination of InformationGeneral AdministrationMarketing & Communication
  GA 1.6.4Indoor Air QualityGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.18Employee Use of Social MediaGeneral AdministrationMarketing & Communication
  GA 1.13Ownership, Use of Texas State Technical College Name, Marks, Logos and Brand ManagementGeneral AdministrationMarketing & Communication
  ES 3.14Use of Student ImagesGeneral AdministrationMarketing & Communication
  FA 3.1Acceptance of Gifts and BequestsGeneral AdministrationInstitutional Advancement
  ES 4.08Alumni Follow-UpGeneral AdministrationInstitutional Advancement
  FA 3.2Fiscal Administration of Gifts and Grants as Agency FundsGeneral AdministrationInstitutional Advancement
  GA 4.7Naming of Buildings and Other Specified EntitiesGeneral AdministrationInstitutional Advancement
  GA 1.20Event Management and Dignitary ProtocolGeneral AdministrationInstitutional Advancement
  FA 3.4Administration of Sponsored Program GrantsGeneral AdministrationInstitutional Advancement
  GA 1.6.14Campus Police DepartmentGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.1Safety ProgramGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 5.1Information TechnologyGeneral AdministrationInformation Technology
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